Aircraft tugs for GA aircraft including experimental to 4000 lbs. gross weight.

Do you need a special adapter to fit your airplane? Send a sketch via EMAIL and we will design one at no additional cost.

Cessna 150,152,172,177 Tug (wheel-pants) The Boss for a Cessna 170, 180, 185
List Price: $1,899.95
Our Price: $1,699.95
Savings: $200.00

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List Price: $2,499.95
Our Price: $2,279.90
Savings: $220.05

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Cessna wheel pants aircraft tug The Boss for Cessna 170, 180, and 185
150, 152, 172, 177 Tug (wheel-pants)
Ships stock with more powerful Dewalt 20v brushless drill!

The "Boss" Tail Dragger Tug

This tug comes with the 60V power option needed for the Cessna 170, 180, and 185

Foot operated lifting device lifts tail wheel and locks securely in place taking the load off of the operator and placing it on the tug.

Aircraft Tugs

If you're tired of busting your back moving your bird in and out of your hangar by hand, take notice of our fantastic lineup of light weight aircraft tugs and power tows that make moving planes simple. Small aircraft tugs attach to the nose gear or tail wheel and allow aviation enthusiasts to move aircraft simply. Our popular drill-powered aircraft tug uses the power of a Dewalt 60-volt or DeWalt 20-volt brush-less power system, depending on which aircraft tug you choose. Our tug is the only one on the market that can do a complete electronics swap in less that five minute! Shop the highest quality powered aircraft movers and never use a manual aircraft tow bar again!

Just about any light aircraft weighing 4,000 pounds gross weight or less is a candidate for one of our nose dragger or tail dragger airport tug units. Browse by aircraft manufacturer and model using the top-navigation “Aircraft Tugs” menu. Take a look at our videos to see just how easy it is to move these planes around your airport or at your destination. Minimax tugs are made in the U.S.A. of all steel and alloy construction and include an enclosed oil bath transmission with automatic brake for safe aircraft ground movement. If you have questions, feel free to contact us so that we can get you the best tug for your specific needs.