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06/27/2023 04:22PM

Nice upgrade – handle extension

Hamilton, NY United States

Got tired of bending over to attach the nose fork on my Grumman. The extension works great.

06/15/2023 03:45PM

Excellent Addition

Kingwood, TX United States

I had had my Tiger for 5 years and used the manual tow bar without too much trouble until recently where I have another aircraft in my hangar. Because of the tight space and the slight uphill slope getting into the hangar the minimax was the perfect solution. the quality of the unit was excellent and it handles the job of moving the aircraft into tight spaces much easier. I would recommend the minimax to anyone who wanted a budget friendly solution. 

05/06/2023 08:42AM

Cessna 172 miniMax Wheel pants adapter

Louisville, KY United States

I purchased the item and they shipped the same day. The mount fit my strut adapter like glove. Great product

04/25/2023 02:14AM

Minimax for 182 w/wheel pants

Pittstown, NJ United States

Received in timely manner and was impressed with both the design and quality of the product. I called with a couple of questions, received prompt response. I also ordered the speedy mover option which I would highly recommend! Overall I am very pleased with the product.

04/14/2023 05:48PM

Great tug for Archer II with wheel pants

SIOUX CITY, IA United States

Have a small lip going into my hangar as well as a 3 degree or so incline of the slab going up to the door, making it a good workout to push the Archer in by hand, especially in the winter when things are cold and stiff.. Purchased the Minimax tug, for Piper with wheel pants, and it works very well. It’s a breeze to pull the plane out and push it back in. Got the 60V Dewalt drill kit. Plenty of power and easy to secure to plane and detach. I am very glad I pulled the trigger and bought this instead of pulling my back! Highly recommend!

03/20/2023 08:17AM

Ercoupe tug

Creston, OH United States

Very well and sturdy built unit that moves the plane with ease. Company is easy to work with and delivers what they say when they say. And the only important part is would I buy it again? ABSOLUTELY! This is a nice tug. I made some poor choices and needed a replacement part. One phone call and got the parts I needed.

02/07/2023 01:15PM

Excellent Tug for a Lancair

Gold Hill, NC

The connection mechanism is simple and perfect for the Lancair 320, requiring no modification whatsoever. Just pull the locking pin (knob) up and swing the attachment arm open to connect it to the tow plate. Assemble the tug by pushing the drive shaft up the torque tube just far enough to permit engagement by the drill. Secure it to the drill and then push the drill/drive shaft back into torque tube and tighten the upper clamp to secure the drill. Then push the drive shaft to engage the lower drive. Only takes about ten minutes, once the process is understood.

02/04/2023 05:08PM

Excellent quality

Cedar City, UT United States

I am impressed by the quality of materials and workmanship. My MiniMax tug attached to the nose gear strut perfectly and easily.

02/04/2023 02:20PM

MiniMax Airplane Tug

Arvada, CO United States

This tug is perfect for what it is and it’s price point. I’m a small person with a heavy plane and it makes the mobility of my aircraft easy! And customer service is excellent! Highly recommended.

01/26/2023 06:58AM

Works great on Cessna 120

Gloversville, NY United States

Excellent sales support - all questions answered. and good recommendations. Assembly simple enough, was working within an hour. Took a few tries to get the spacing of the tailwheel lift post correct. Moves the 120 very nicely, in and out of my hangar with a slightly sloping door sill. Three speed drill motor makes maneuvering easy. Looks like very good quality construction. Expect many years of good service.

12/20/2022 04:31AM

Quick respont to our inquiry

Osaka, Osaka Japan

This is our first time to purchase at Minimax Aircraft Tug and they responded to our inquiry in a timely fashion. Highly recommended.

12/06/2022 04:30PM

Cirrus Minimax

This is my second Minimax for a second hangar. They have improved the design but there are still issues with twisting of the shaft as the ring clamps just cant handle the torque of the larger drill with bigger battery when turned to the horizontal position. Considering the price of the other tugs for a Cirrus, this is just a minor issue.

11/19/2022 12:15PM

Windham, NH United States

The tug appears to be designed and manufactured to a high degree of excellence. Ive only used it a few times so far but it has done everything I expected. I would wholeheartedly recommend the tug and min max to anyone. They were very accommodating and helpful

11/15/2022 20:14

20 DeWalt MiniMax tug

Ron McRoy

Fountain Hills, AZ United States

Delivered on time, packed very well, got all the parts and instruction that I needed, and working even better than I expected.

11/9/2022 15:35

helicopter tug

Walt Spawr

Lake Havasu City, AZ United States

good quality and delivery

11/9/2022 10:14


Scott Koehn

Orange Beach, AL United States

Works great. Easy to assemble and easy to use

11/1/2022 21:59

Richard Colon

Grants Pass, OR United States

Handle extension work after some installation issues.

11/1/2022 21:59

Richard Colon

Grants Pass, OR United States

Taildragger attachment takes a little time to learn to use but is good.

10/18/2022 17:36

Replacement Parts


Caledonia, MI United States

The steel drive shaft failed due to an aggressive step up into the hanger. Replacement parts were delivered promptly and for a reasonable price. Great communication along the way.

10/18/2022 17:36

Great Support


Caledonia, MI United States

Superior communication to ensure I received the right part. Prompt delivery and good installation instructions.

10/11/2022 15:16

Speedy Mover is a great investment!

Drain, OR United States

We purchased the Speedy Mover to help us relocate our MiniMax tug from its resting place in the hangar to the nose wheel of the plane on our frequent flights. It was easy to install and it works as advertised. It's a back saver and nice addition to the Minimax!

9/29/2022 20:49

RV-7A Tug

Jim Kranich

Colorado Springs, CO United States

Very pleased with the product. Works as advertised.

9/29/2022 18:24

Handl Extension


Jasper, GA

This device made attaching and un-attaching the tug to the nosegear much easier.

9/29/2022 18:24

Training Wheels


Jasper, GA

These extra wheels completed the utility of the tug. No more falling over when attaching and removing forks from nosegear. Plus stands up right when not in use. Should be standard equipment

9/27/2022 11:30

Works great

Brian Andersen

South Jordan, UT United States

This tug works as advertised. Going up or down small inclines with small bumps are no problem. My airplane has a very low tail and the original tug wouldn't fit under it. The company was very responsive and sent me a new part. It works great now.

9/1/2022 15:13

MiniMax Rv8A

Dilger, Al

Bakersfield, CA United States

Does a good job, I would like to see the lugs on the fork be adjustable which would make it a little easier to set up, also I think the small wheels should be standard rather than an option

8/31/2022 17:00

Minimax tug - RV-8

Galen Killam

Appleton, WI United States

Outside of some communication issues about pick up at EAA, I was able to get the tug sent to my house in a few days. However, in the essence of speed of shipping, the charger for the battery was not included in the original shipment. It was sent a few days later. The tail wheel plate on the tug was bent up in the corner when I got it, rather than ask for a replacement, I just bent it back. It has a slight blemish that will wear away over time. Quality control on shipping could be improved for sure. Since the tug has been in service, it has worked well, no further complaints. Beyond the initial issues, I would recommend this tug for RV tail draggers.

8/6/2022 13:12

Its the perfect little tug

Culver, IN United States

When I started doing research on what tug to buy for my Cherokee 180, everyone kept telling me to look into the Minimax Tug because It’s the perfect little tug. Well, I bought one. Yes it’s little but it packs a big punch. I’m completely satisfied with the product. It does exactly what I need it to do. It’s a really well thought out design coupled with high quality parts. 100 percent satisfied.

7/9/2022 10:28

Love the Tug

Kathryn Reid

North Vancouver, BC Canada

The tug is a great product. Well built and sturdy. Being in Canada, the shipping a customs charges were a bit of a hit, but the tug was worth it since we can't get them here in Canada.

7/8/2022 12:06

A great solution to our back breaking problem!

Kathryn Reid

North Vancouver, BC Canada

We are a flying club with a hangar for our airplane that was impossible for one person to push the plane back in. It has a small lip at the doors and is a little uphill. With the Minimax tug, getting it in solo is a breeze. We are very happy with this purchase. It takes a little practise to manoeuvre smoothly but the learning curve is shallow and member orientation is quick.

6/8/2022 14:46

Cessna 177 Tug

Mark Romine

Broken Arrow, OK United States

Easy assembly. Handles the slope into my hangar with no trouble. Could not be happier with my purchase.

5/24/2022 15:47

Great tug, fast shipping/great customer service

Patrick Bailey

Fort Worth, TX United States

The tug is a quality product. Fit and finish are perfect. The tug arrived 3 days after I ordered it. In that shipment the easy mover attachment was for a different plane. I contacted the company and a new one was shipped out the next day. I highly recommend this product and this company.

4/2/2022 9:29

Perfect for my Grumman

John Fullerton

Corpus Christi, TX United States

This is the best match for my little AA1B.
In and out of the hangar in a flash. Thanks for your quick responses.

3/30/2022 10:57

Good Tug

Gary Howland

Marysville, KS United States

My tug is very good at attaching toad moving my Ercoupe. I have found the small roller wheels attachment is really necessary to move the tug around.

3/1/2022 14:04

minimax tug review

steve johnson


i have two aircraft closely positioned in my hangar. moving them breathtakingly close to each other by hand was scary. my friend nearby has a minimax; so, i borrowed it for a few trials. i became convinced. purchased the "heavy duty" version and love it! i can focus on the maneuvering without the strain of pushing or pulling the aircraft in the hanger. worth the price in peace of mind as well as vastly improved capability .

1/18/2022 8:38

Love it

Dale Heppe

Lynn Haven, FL United States

We were looking for something that would push our C-182 into our hangar that has a slight incline. It was just to much for one person to push and this product did the job perfectly. A little on the pricey side but if it holds up it will be well worth the money.

12/6/2021 5:29

Col 350 tug

Ora Vorpe

St. Augustine, FL United States

Excellent product, very well constructed and very robust.

12/2/2021 19:56

Great company.

James Bruce

Franklin, TN United States

Excellent customer service who offered prompt solution regarding the tug.

12/1/2021 20:02

Works great for both 182 and 206

Bedford, MA United States

Our flying club has a Cessna 182 and 206 at KBED. The tug works great for pushing and pulling both in and out of the hangars. Love the cordless ease. Definitely get the Speedy Mover Wheels to help position it easier and quicker.

9/29/2021 19:54

Cessna 182 Tug with nose Pant

Stephen Humphries

Raleigh, NC United States

From the first contact I was assured of success with this tug. It is exactly what is required and works like a dream using the slow drill trigger when maneuvering in close quarters. I do recommend the unit .

9/23/2021 8:36

Drill Driven Tug for Grumman

Michael Havertape

lake Alfred, FL United States

Easy to use, line up and connect. Ten times more
convenient to use than the other brand that I had. Default drill has plenty of power and I was surprised how quickly it can move my plane.

4/13/2021 12:37

Good, reasonably priced but takes getting used to

Worthington, OH United States

I purchased the tug for my Cardinal RG. The experience was great. The owner was very responsive in answering his phone and answering my questions and it arrived when promised. Assembly was pretty easy.
It took some tweaks to get it to work. It takes a bit of muscle to hook up to the nosewheel, and I had to play with the tightness of the bolts holding the arms to hit the spot where I can move the arms to engage the wheel, but they were tight enough not to fall back out.
Using it had a learning curve. If you started at high power, you just spun the wheels. If I started at low power and then sped the drill up as the plane started to roll, it worked well. I have a lip between the driveway and my hangar floor, and I have to be sure to get a "running start" to make it over the lip. Applying friction tape to the epoxy enamel paint on the floor in front of the nosewheel prevented wheelspin.
On the whole it was a good value for the money and works well once you understand how to use it.

3/30/2021 14:09

Keep on flying

Piper Pilot

Bulverde, TX United States

This is a great unit and I recommend to fellow senior pilots having difficulty getting the plane out of the hangar. Sure does solve a problem.
NOTE, the turn radius is not as tight as with the hand pull so you will need to struggle a little if the space is tight but still worth the price. The "$100 burger" is still in reach for us older pilots.

1/22/2021 18:52

Quick Repair

Larry Tatsch

Princeton, NJ United States

Due to a problem that was mostly my fault, I bent a part on my new Minimax. I called Brandon, we troubleshot the problem and he quickly sent me a new part at no charge. It's now reassembled and ready for me to use on my Tiger again - this time correctly! Excellent customer support.

10/12/2020 12:46

2 Thumbs Up


Randleman, NC United States

My partner in our Cherokee 140 is 5'2" and was unable to put the airplane back in our hangar. This little tug has enabled her to fly when she wants to now...and not have to wait for someone at the FBO to help her!!

8/25/2020 12:10

MiniMax Cirrus Tug

Robert Richard

Robert Richard

Naples, FL United States

Bought 2 of them actually, best bang for the buck. Great functionality overall, only negative is it is a little slow walking it back to the hangar. They do have a landing gear option to alleviate this for longer distance. Also great customer support. Buy one, you'll love it!

8/25/2020 12:10

MiniMax Cirrus Tug

Robert Richard

Naples, FL United States

Bought 2 of them actually, best bang for the buck. Great functionality overall, only negative is it is a little slow walking it back to the hangar. They do have a landing gear option to alleviate this for longer distance. Also great customer support. Buy one, you'll love it!

6/16/2020 12:10

Nice little tug. Fast response to minor issue.



Like the tug. When I bought the airplane, the owner threw in his very cumbersome, bulky tug. Functional but hard to use. The DA40 has a non caste ring nose wheel and it’s tougher to push straight back than my old 172.
The shipment was missing the hardware pack, so I left a message on a Sunday and got a same day response. They shipped it out on Monday.
Assembly was pretty easy, even with a broken collarbone. Tug is pretty light and easy to use. . I did not get the wheel weights but it works just fine without them

5/22/2020 15:49

Tug for my Ercoupe

Joe Williams

Grants pass, OR United States

Been looking for an electric tug for my Coupe for some time. Found this one online.
After a few questions back and forth I ordered it. The customer service was excellent. Very helpful. The product is beautifully constructed in the USA. I’m using it and it is saving my bad back! Great product, great service.

4/4/2020 8:22


Jerry Browning

Texarkana , TX United States

I like it, but wish it were a little heavier and more powerful

3/13/2020 19:24

Bart Bernstein

Yuma, AZ United States

The Cirrus SR22 tug was received in the time projected time period. The instructions were easy to follow, and assembly was accomplished in approximately 90 minutes. The unit was sturdy and functioned as described. The steering does require some practice however, as it is necessary to lift the wheels off the ground to re direct the tug.
Overall, I am very pleased with the unit, and it easily pushes the aircraft up a shallow incline into the hanger.

2/4/2020 8:57





8/5/2018 11:48

Great product and ingenious design

G McAnally


We spoke while you were in Oshkosh about the pins needed to attach your tug to a Lancair 4. Wanted to send you a picture to show you that it attached just as you said it would and works great! This aircraft is pretty heavy at 3000lbs and to pull around by hand can be daunting but your tug handles it with no problem. The most impressive part about it is how easy and precise it turns. Great product and ingenious design.

One other thing that I think is important to mention. I have another tug at another location that cost almost twice what I paid for yours and it is so heavy I cannot pick it up and move it by myself. Transporting that other tug to another airport has always been a major concern for that reason. That’s not the case with this tug at all. Thanks for all your help.

12/21/2017 10:57

Hello Greg


Féchy, VD Switzerland

I just received the tug.
It is great. thank you.
Have a nice week end.
Best regards.

10/5/2016 18:49

Thank you


Hollister, CA


I received this tow today and was quite pleased.

The first thing I noticed was the quality of build, solid.
I tried it on the 182 and while I expected some wheel slip, it is manageable, and steerable with a few minutes practice.
The tow bar engages the fork solidly.
After playing with this moving the plane in and out of the hanger a few times, I returned the battery to the charger and it was still green. I did a bit more steering practice, returned the battery to the charger, and it was finally indicating down one notch and charging. So battery endurance is awesome. Whiners abound over its limitations; seems most if not all manufacturers but you have stopped producing this type. I do want to keep my wheel pant on, and you were the only one I could easily find that still offered this solution. You have built a solid unit, more so than I expected, and wanted you to know there are people out here that do appreciate the utility it provides.

Thank you!

Sincerely - David