Cessna 182,206 (wheel-pants)
Portable Cessna 182 & 206 Wheel Pants Aircraft Tug


Cessna 182, 206 Tug (wheel-pants)
Highest quality, lowest price- Guaranteed!

List Price: $1,748.95
Our Price: $1,649.95
Savings: $99.00

Availability: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Weeks
Product Code: 036CESSNA

28v Battery:
[Add $219.95]. Spare 28v Milwaukee battery.

[Add $8.95]. Spare T-Bolt clamp for handle receiver or drill handle tube.

Handle Ext.:
[Add $39.95]. 24" handle extension provides greater leverage securing forks onto aircraft while standing.

Speedy mover:
[Add $79.95]. Provides a manual method of transporting tug without using battery.

Wheel Weight:
[Add $89.95]. Wheel weight hubs for installation of 2- 25 lb. cast iron weights. Weights NOT included.

Snow tires:
[Add $69.95]. Replaces stock tires. With purchase of new tug only. For snow and hard turf.

[Add $74.95]. One pair case hardened snow chains. Easy to install. Chains DO NOT fit snow tires.

Cessna Side Hubs:
[Add $48.00]. Hubs for fairing side clearance. Comes with wider opening forks if selected.

Traction tape:
[Add $28.00]. For gaining initial traction on smooth concrete or epoxy painted floors.

300 watt Voltage Inverter:
[Add $54.95]. For use in converting 220v to 120v power and vice-versa.


---------- 2001 AND NEWER MUST ORDER "Cessna Side Hubs" OPTION ---------

Ships stock with28v power system!
Designed for maximum traction!

If you have a smooth concrete, or epoxy painted hangar floor, we recommend buying our Traction Tape or Wheel Weight Hubs option to prevent tire slippage.
If purchasing wheel weight hubs, click HERE
to purchase 2-25lb. CAP cast iron weights.
NOTE: These are the ONLY weights which fit our weight hubs.

Some tow pins are located very close to the nose gear fairing. Attach your hand tow bar to tow pins letting it rest atop the fairing's HIGHEST POINT. This may require you to insert a thin straight edge between the top of fairing and bottom of tow bar. (A combination square metal rule is perfect) Viewing from the side, note if tow bar handle is above or below a visual level line from tow pins. If level or above, you will need the "Cessna Side Hubs" option. If below level, you're good with stock forks.


Cessna 182, 206 Wheel Pants Tug

If taking to the skies and exploring new locations is everything you ever hoped for, but the process of moving your plane to and from its hangar has you bogged down, we're here to revolutionize how you spend your valuable free time. Gone are the days of committing countless of your hard-earned hours to struggling with manual tow bars. Our Cessna aircraft tugs are affordable, easy to assemble and guaranteed reliable to last you a lifetime.

This portable Cessna tug is designed for 182s and 206s. Take valuable minutes off your prep time and save your joints in the process with a powerful tool that does the job for you. The Cessna 182 tug/206 tug is motorized by a 28v Milwaukee cordless drill. A drill connects to the handle to power the enclosed gear box and provides heavy-duty towing allowing you to sit back and relax sooner.

The Cessna 182, 206 tug requires some basic assembly that's easily accomplished in 30 minutes or less. Once assembled, you'll find that it offers a range of critical features you won't want to be without, including durable alloy construction, a built-in rheostat, a worm gear drive for efficient power transfer and more. The simple knock-down design allows for easy transport so you'll never have to worry about additional accommodations when moving.

Fork locking mechanism action
All steel, alloy construction
Trouble free design
Powder coated paint for durability
Simple Knock-Down design for easy transport
Automatic brake
Built-in rheostat
Net weight 56 lbs (25.4 kgs)
Worm gear drive for efficient power transfer
Enclosed gear box
Torque output 1150 inch lbs.
Lifetime limited warranty
Made in the USA

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Loved my Minimax Tug Cessna 182 September 6, 2019
Reviewer: Gregory Garcia from Sacramento, CA United States  
I assembled my tug in about 45 minutes and it worked on my Cessna 182 perfectly.  I have a slight slope coming out of the hangar and it performed without a hitch pulling the aircraft out and pulling it into the hangar easily over the hangar door rails.  My daughter manipulated the aircraft turning the nose gear without any difficulty.  I haven't tried to tug the aircraft any farther than in & out of the hangar but there's always plenty of battery power.  I always leave the battery on the charger after every use.  I'm completely satisfied with the Minimax Tug and would recommend it for any Cessna 182.  I did have to apply a little pressure on the top the first time over the hanger door rails but now with a little speed it performs with no pressure at all.

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My tug works! February 12, 2017
Reviewer: J. Barber from CA  
Thanks for working with me to get my tug working with my 2008 Cessna T182T. Used your non-skid tape on my hangar floor for traction. The "Knots 2 U" tow bar bracket works great and does not scrape or touch my nose wheel fairing......perfect!

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Thank you October 5, 2016
Reviewer: David from Hollister, CA  

I received this tow today and was quite pleased.

The first thing I noticed was the quality of build, solid.
I tried it on the 182 and while I expected some wheel slip, it is manageable, and steerable with a few minutes practice.
The tow bar engages the fork solidly.
After playing with this moving the plane in and out of the hanger a few times, I returned the battery to the charger and it was still green. I did a bit more steering practice, returned the battery to the charger, and it was finally indicating down one notch and charging. So battery endurance is awesome. Whiners abound over its limitations; seems most if not all manufacturers but you have stopped producing this type. I do want to keep my wheel pant on, and you were the only one I could easily find that still offered this solution. You have built a solid unit, more so than I expected, and wanted you to know there are people out here that do appreciate the utility it provides.

Thank you!

Sincerely - David

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Excellent Tug for my Cessna-182 February 6, 2016
Reviewer: David Velez from Morriston, FL United States  
Finally an easy to use and very affordable tug for my C-182.  Works excellent.  It's amazing how powerful it is and how easily it can pull or push the weight of the airplane.  I am delighted with this purchase.  Thank you Minimax.

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Great Product! February 23, 2015
Reviewer: Eric Jakimier from KADS, TX United States  
Wrestling a 182 solo would be no fun to begin with but the paving at my hangar has been modified to help with drainage so is far from level. This tug can handle it! I like the fact I don't have to mess with gas or pulling a string to start it.

Best of all is the service - I had a small problem with mine (entirely self-inflicted) that caused it to not work and Greg answered emails even after hours to help solve my problem. VERY satisfied customer!

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