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All Minimax Aircraft Tugs come equipped with a 20v or 28v power system.

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Tail Dragger aircraft tug Tail Dragger

Taildragger Tug
Ships stock with more powerful Dewalt 20v brushless drill!
Perfect for you Van's RV drivers!

List Price: $1,649.95
Our Price: $1,579.95
Savings: $70.00

The Boss tail dragger tug "The Boss" Tail Dragger

The "Boss" Tail Dragger Tug
Ships stock with more powerful Dewalt 20v brushless drill!
Foot operated lifting device lifts tail wheel and locks securely in place.

List Price: $1,899.95
Our Price: $1,799.95
Savings: $100.00


Taildraggers For Sale

We offer two types of portable aircraft tug units here at Minimax – the nose wheel tug and the tailwheel tug. An aircraft hand tug such as the Taildragger Dragger or the “Boss” Tail Dragger units featured on this page make moving a light GA aircraft in and out of the hangar a quick and simple operation when compared to manually muscling planes via tow bar.

The tailwheel towbar models found here are both powered by a DeWalt 20-volt brushless hand drill. The DeWalt 20-volt power system can be upgraded to a 28-volt Milwaukee cordless power system for an additional charge. Numerous other options are also available and can be found listed under the features or options heading on the product page. It's possible to find other choices of a taildragger for sale online; however, we guarantee ours to be of the highest quality and the lowest price. Get the most powerful taildragger towbar tugs available from Minimax!